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Winged Boots

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Winged Boots
Winged Boots
Item box
Legends say these shoes used to allow the wearer to fly. All the wings do now is flap uselessly, though.
Type Shoes
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Caillou, Nagi, Tielle, Elan, Griff
Effect DEF+20, MDEF+4
Base price 21200 pix
Buyback price
High:  7632 pix
Normal:  6360 pix
Low:  5088 pix

How to get

  • Dungeon Chests (Crystal Nightmare)


Can be used to create Angel Hat Angel Hat (Rank 2 Hat)

Ingredient Amount
Winged BootsWinged Boots 1
Bat WingBat Wing 10
Shark FinShark Fin 5

Additional Notes

  • It is possible that the stated Legend could come from Chantelise, where the boots actually allowed the character to fly.
    • Though it was more of an Air Dashing without any possibility of gaining height (except jumping before doing so), but you could travel some distance without ground contact.

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