Willpower Ring
Willpower Ring
Item box
This ring's power enhances the wearer's willpower, allowing him to shrug off physical blows. It can break.
Type Rings
Effect Halves physical damage
Base price 6000 pix
Purchase price
High:  5040 pix
Normal:  4200 pix
Low:  3360 pix
Buyback price
High:  2160 pix
Normal:  1800 pix
Low:  1440 pix



The Willpower Ring reduces physical damage by half when worn. Many enemies have physical attacks which means it will activate on nearly every hit. This makes it break quite easily, which can be used to farm Broken Rings.

Despite its cheap price, the Willpower Ring could be considered one of the most useful rings in the game, along with the Evoker's Ring and the Soul Ring, as many enemies use physical attacks. The player will be able to withstand many hits before going down, which allows more room for error.

However, the Willpower Ring breaks quite easily, which makes it important to dodge enemy attacks in order to preserve it. It also does not affect magical damage; the Evoker's Ring should be used instead if you lack MDEF. You are unable to equip more than one ring however, which means the player will have to give up one ring for the other.

Additionally, the player will have to sacrifice an equipment slot in order to equip this. Although the player's DEF will still remain strong, their MDEF can go down significantly without any way of protecting the player.

This ring benefits Caillou the most, as he has low DEF but high MDEF, which can help protect him against hard hitting enemies while not hampering his MDEF as much as other adventurers.

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