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Warrior's Will
Warriors will
The ultimate, fusion-born scarf. Just wearing this inspires heroes to great acts of valor and bravery.
Type Scarves
Equippable by Louie, Caillou, Tielle, Elan
Effect ATK+18, DEF+30, MAG+12, MDEF+56
Base price 185000 pix
Buyback price
High:  66600 pix
Normal:  55500 pix
Low:  44400 pix



Fusion Recipe:

Ingredient Amount
Diana's Heart 1
Samael's Mantle 1
Food Emblem 1

Additional Notes

  • Due to there being no Rank 4 Fusion Scarf nor enough ingredients to work with, it is currently impossible to obtain a Warrior's Will +15. The closest obtainable is +8, however, getting so involves a Samael's Mantle +4 and a Food Emblem +4 which would be phenomenally difficult to obtain.
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