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Warrior's Helm
Warrior's Helm
Item box
The standard helmet of any serious adventurer. It's pretty heavy, so mind how fast you move your neck.
Type Helms
Equippable by Louie, Arma
Effect DEF+8, MDEF+1
Base price 1600 pix
Purchase price
High:  1344 pix
Normal:  1120 pix
Low:  896 pix
Buyback price
High:  576 pix
Normal:  480 pix
Low:  384 pix



Can be used to create Knight's HelmKnight's Helm (Rank 1 Helm)

Ingredient Amount
Warrior's HelmWarrior's Helm 1
StatueThankful Statue 1
Slime LiverSlime Liver 1

Wooden HelmWooden HelmWarrior's HelmWarrior's HelmParade HelmParade HelmKnight's HelmKnight's HelmSilver HelmSilver HelmBone HelmBone HelmFull HelmFull HelmAncient HelmAncient HelmHoly Knight HelmHoly Knight HelmAlleusAlleusLegendary HelmLegendary HelmSiegebreaker HelmSiegebreaker HelmGolden HelmGolden HelmAsuran HelmAsuran HelmArcadian HelmArcadian Helm

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