Volcanicrab is a boss in Recettear. He can perform powerful attacks with his claws, blow bubbles in a frontal cone or erupt (which causes patches of fire around him temporarily). Initially he is almost impossible to damage, however during the fight bombs spawn. Destroying a bomb and causing it to explode near him will flip him onto his back, at which point he becomes vulnerable and can be damaged. In later dungeons a black, stronger version of Volcanicrab is fought.

Counterintuitively, once this monster is flipped, you perform a Back Attack by hitting it in its face.


Avoid being too close to the volcanicrab's front area as its claws can deal a lot of damage.  Wait for a bomb to appear and kill it.  Afterwawrd, hit the bomb seed towards the Volcanicrab.  If you manage to hit the bomb directly at the body of the crab, it will immediately explode.  Even if it explodes on timer near the crab, the crab will be flipped over as well.  Do not hit the bomb towards the crab if it is too close or you will get hit by the bomb's explosion as well.  It is imperative that you kill the bomb regardless if you are able to hit the crab safely with it or not as it may start adding problems with its fire rings.  Note that the large claw may block projectiles preventing you from hitting the bomb from afar.

  • Louie - Use the large arc of your sword to hit the bomb and kick the bomb seed at the crab.  You may want to use spin slash if the bomb is about to launch its fire ring.  After the crab is flipped over, use spin slash on the boss or attack normally if you need to conserve SP.
  • Charme - Use your mirror images if the bomb is too close to the crab to hit safely.  If you are certain that the bomb will explode on timer on the crab, flame charge to the other side if it is safe so you can be able to attack its back when the bomb explodes.  Deploy some images to help your damage output before it happens.
  • Caillou - Single cast sparkburst the bomb but do not hold it or you may risk hitting the bomb seed too far.  If it is under the crab's claw, use ice mine to kill it.  Once the crab is flipped over, get close and use sparkburst up close.  It is easily possible to kill the crab in a single sparkburst barrage on one flip.
  • Elan - Your short range mays it a bit tricky to hit the bomb safety if it is near the crab so you may need to wait.  Use flame charge to dodge any pontential attack.  Once you are able to lodge a bomb close to the crab, flame charge behind the crab if it is safe and activate berserk when the bomb is about to eplode before punching the crab.
  • Griff - Your large swiping arc should allow you to hit the bomb safety.  Use your dash to avoid any attacks and to position yourself behind the crab when a bomb is positioned near the crab; . Turn on demon soul right when the crab is about to get flipped
  • Tielle - If the claw is shielding the bomb, use flame arrow to hit the bomb regardless.  Right below the bomb explodes, activate CuteRage! (you can even do this close to the explosion as you are invunerable monetarily) and spam charge 3 shots on the crab.
  • Nagi - Due to your limited close-range arc, you need to line up the bomb to your spear's range.  You can potentially hit the bomb even behind the closest area under the cla but be careful.  Flame charge behind the crab when a bomb is positioned close and use hundred thrust on the crab when it is flipped.
  • Arma - You will need a piercing or area of effect weapon for the bomb if it hiding behind the claw.  Otherwise use any high single hit damage to kill the bomb.  Switch to a high point-blank DPS weapon behind the crab gets flipped such as the null-parts.