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Void Crystal

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Void Crystal
Void Crystal
While its actual power is no more (or was it ever there?), this crystal still... well, okay, it's colorless.
Type Ingredients
Base price 8000 pix
Buyback price
High:  2880 pix
Normal:  2400 pix
Low:  1920 pix

How to get


Creates Blessed Vestments (Rank 2 Robe)

Creates Crescent Bow (Rank 4 Bow)

Creates Omnicharm (Rank 5 Charm)

Additional Notes

  • Through it is the "Void" Crystal, it had, like all Crystals, a use in its Precursor Chantelise. It bore no elemental power (it ensured neutral damage independent of element), but its main use was that it, when charged, negates incoming magical attacks (in fact, it absorbed them).
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Void Crystal
Void Crystal
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