The dungeons of Recettear include a variety of traps to obstruct the advancement of the hero. A yellow exclamation mark will appear when a trap is sprung; Recette will usually make an alarmed comment as well. Some traps are activated by chests. Traps appear in dungeons, and are triggered when an adventurer enters a room, when an adventurer pass through a certain entrance to a room or when the adventurer opens a chest.

There is a floor effect that increases their occurrences in a floor. A floor effect that doubles enemies' attack power will also affect traps as well.

Varieties of Traps

  • Area Traps
    • Falling Rocks: (Multiple rocks fall down the screen, dealing damage when they hit you. Tip: You can see where they come down when you watch their shadow on the ground.)
    • Bombs: (A Fire Elemental will spawn, with the timer set to 5 seconds, before it explodes. Deals damage to Adventures and Monsters.)
    • Tuna Strike: (Three flying Tuna Fish fly through the screen, dealing damage to Adventurers and Monsters. They will move across the whole map.)
    • Slimes: See Enemies