You will see Tielle in Pensee prior to the Amber Garden becoming available. When you see her again she panics and attacks you with a bow.



Location Level HP Drops (c, r)
Amber Garden (30F) 720 Sweets (any), Sweet Sweets, Superarm Band

Crystal Nightmare

Location Level HP Drops (c, r)
38F 62 1320 Ace's Bow, Succubus Bow

Boss Behaviour

This fight is very different from any other boss in the game and comes in 3 stages.

Stage 1

Tielle retreats from you and a large quantity of boxes fall in between you. These boxes all take 2 hits to destroy from any source and can only be hit 1 at a time; they will all contain either nothing, a Blue Slime, Floating Jack-o-Lantern, a Gnoll or a random item whose quality depends on the encounter but can be semi-rare items that are unavailable from the Merchant's Guild or Market. Gnolls will spawn on top of the boxes and throw Chestnuts at your location, and continue spawning for as long as the fight goes on. She will use a scattershot style attack that is aimed directly at your adventurer and the nearby surrounding area. Once you break through the boxes she will run away.

Stage 2

Identical to the last stage, only this time she is hidden in a box. You can estimate the location of the box depending on what angle the scattershot comes from. Once you break open the box she runs away again.

Stage 3

This is the same as the previous stage only instead of a scattershot attack she uses her Starshot Arrow special attack. While this does not aim directly at you it hits the ground randomly in highlighted locations near you and may hit you as it travels across the arena to the ground. Once you find her box and break it open she will attack you though Gnolls will continue to spawn on remaining boxes. Unlike the other adventurer bosses she is not stunned after 2 hits. Her only attack at this stage is firing single and triple arrow shots.


To dodge her scattershot you should stand away from the box you intend to break, then once it has been fired move in to attack and retreat again. If you intend to break all the boxes for the loot be very careful of the Gnolls and other enemies. You should try to kill them as soon as you can to avoid getting overwhelmed. For the final stage it is advisable to go straight after Tielle as dodging the Starshot Arrow is much harder than the scattershot. If you wish to continue clearing boxes for loot after revealing her make sure you kill off the enemies or you may get overwhelmed once more. Once you go on the offensive, simply go all out as she does not have a very fast attack speed and the lack of stun works against you for easily avoiding her attacks at melee range.

  • Louie - Save SP for the standoff and simply use Spin Slash repeatedly. For Crystal Nightmare use your shield and attack normally to save SP for later fights.
  • Charme - Mirror Images can help destroy multiple boxes. Depending on your DEF stat it is up to you whether to use them for the standoff.
  • Caillou - Simply use Sparkburst to clear away boxes extremely fast. For the standoff, move towards her and as she attacks, unleash Sparkburst, avoiding the attack and landing every projectile on her at point blank range to finish her fast.
  • Elan - If you find yourself getting hit on the way through use Berserk to avoid the stun. For the standoff either use Fist Flurry or a barrage of regular punches.
  • Griff - Same as Elan only with Demon Soul. The rapid attack speed should finish her very quickly.
  • Tielle - Cuterage! will help destroy boxes faster while your own Starshot Arrow will clear spawning enemies quickly. For the standoff, close on in and fire a Charge 3 shot or above into the other Tielle's side for high damage.
  • Nagi - Use Hundred Thrusts during the standoff which should be a reasonable trade off for avoiding HP damage despite the high SP cost.
  • Arma - A rapid attack weapon like the Gatling Gun or Flamethrower will clear boxes quickly. For the standoff pick the highest DPS weapon available.

Box Items

Clearing boxes for items can be an effective way during the battles with Tielle to fill up your spare inventory with items that can't normally be purchased, particularly during Boss Rushes where you typically return home with empty inventory space. Items can only be obtained from breaking boxes if you have spare room in your inventory upon breaking them, otherwise, all boxes will be empty. Unlike enemy drops, items found in boxes are automatically added to your inventory similar to when opening a treasure chest. Below is a list of some of the items that can be obtained:

Amber Garden

Crystal Nightmare

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