Thief's Ring
Item box
This ring's power allows the user to detect and disarm traps. It can break.
Type Rings
Effect Disarm trapped chests
Base price 10000 pix
Purchase price
High:  8400 pix
Normal:  7000 pix
Low:  5600 pix
Buyback price
High:  3600 pix
Normal:  3000 pix
Low:  2400 pix



Disarms any trapped chest when opened


This ring will disarm any trap chests activated, which can be useful when opening chests that contain drastic effects such as slick floors or getting paralysed. However, most traps can be manageable fairly easily, which means that this ring will find little use in comparison to some others. Additionally, it takes up one equipment slot, which can be very dangerous for fragil fighters. This ring will not protect you against floor traps such as bombs or flying fish.

If using Charme, it is advised not to bring any rings, as Charme can tell if a chest is trapped or not by standing next to it, making the disarming of traps largely unnecessary.

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