Speaker Of The Words Of The End

The Geddon Device is the last boss in Recettear and is spawned as a result of trapping Prime and Tear in the Crystal. It is the only boss to come in multiple parts, though you only need to destroy the Torso to win. Very rarely, the arms will drop food items (Crystal Nightmare boss rush).


Lapis Ruins

Location Level HP (Torso) HP (Arms) Drops (c, r)
100F 55 3540 1180 Big Screw, Gold Horn, Black Horn

Crystal Nightmare

Location Level HP (Torso) HP (Arms) Drops (c, r)
59F 98 6120 2040 Big Screw, Pandora Unit

Boss Behaviour

The arena is very different to any other boss battle and consists of a large number of floating hexagons. It is possible to fall off the sides where you are teleported back to the platform and lose some health. The boss comes in 3 parts. The main Torso which has 2 attacks, a multiple fire ring attack (like Griff's) and a much more devastating version of the Jellyfish's lightning bolt which hits multiple locations. It backs away from the adventurer making it difficult to hit repeatadly and after losing 1/6th of its hp, will retreat off the surface of the map where it cannot be hit by any method, unless you have a charge attack like Elan's flame charge attack at the edge though you could lose some health as a result. Note that this hp loss is capped and will not go beyond 1/6th of its max hp no matter how powerful the attack that took it to that point was. During this time it will launch a rocket which hits a hexagon and removes it from the arena, making it easier to fall off. The same hexagons are removed every time, the final ones been much more inconvenient than the earlier ones. After 5-10 seconds it will return to the arena and continue fighting as before with no changes in behaviour. The Arms will periodically sweep lasers across the arena which can be difficult to avoid, every 4 or so attacks it changes its pattern, sweeping the lasers through a different area. When killed they do not respawn.


The best way to start this encounter is to attack the Torso while it is close. If you can't do enough damage to force a retreat before things become difficult (particularly in the Crystal Nightmare) then you have a serious problem. Once it retreats quickly head over to the arms and relentlessly attack them until they are both killed, any dangers from the Torso returning to the battle are severely outweighed by the dangers of leaving the arms intact during the rest of the fight. Dodging the Fire Rings is similar to the Griff boss battle only with the added danger of falling off the arena. The real threat is the Lightning Bolts which can cause quite high damage in the Lapis Ruins and extremely high damage in the Crystal Nightmare and extreme caution should be taken when attempting to engage the boss which is only made harder by its constant backing away taking it out of range.

  • Louie - Your slow move speed will work against you here. If you find yourself taking too much damage try retreating and using Vacuum Sword only to hit it from where Recette and Tear are stood.
  • Charme - Mirror Images may help inflict more damage in a single attack and can extend your range. Use your move speed to chase the boss down and to quickly run from Lightning Bolts.
  • Caillou - Hold down Sparkburst from the spawn until the Torso retreats, then kill off both Arms. Retreat to Recette and Tears location and Sparkburst your way to victory. You can use it to 'dodge' the Fire Rings also.
  • Elan - Use Berserk at every opportunity to maximise your damage when you get hits in. Be very wary of the Lightning Bolts.
  • Griff - Same as Elan, maintain Demon Soul when fighting and be wary of Lightning Bolts.
  • Tielle - As soon as the battle begins, use a Seeker Arrow Then stand at the top of the spawn hexagon. Watch for the dropping platform, and use another Seeker Arrow just after it reaches the floor below. Continue in this pattern until the arms fire two beams, then move down to the bottom of the area and continue to time your Seeker Arrows to finish.
  • Nagi - Her extra range will help here but her lack of attack speed may be a problem. Use Hundred Thrusts to quickly kill the Arms. If necessary retreat and use Vacuum Spear.
  • Arma - Having a high DPS weapon for the Arms and a powerful long range weapon for the Torso will make this fight easier. The only difficulty will be dodging the Fire Rings.

Before finishing the Geddon Device off, however, be careful to finish it off on a hexagon and NOT while it floats above areas where you fall down, as any loot it drops if killed will fall down and therefore be unaccessible, which is especially annoying with Gold Horns and Pandora Units.