The Gauntlet

The first The Gauntlet encounter: a single Dark Knight


While this boss may be named identically to the Gauntlet, it is in reality a boss fight. The Gauntlet pits you against a giant Dark Knight with regular versions of Knights of assorted colours spawning around the arena. There are 2 encounters in total, the second against 2 Dark Knights and more powerful forms of the regular Knights. Note, the minions do not drop items from the same tree as those found in the dungeon floors so attempting to farm them for Crystals will not work.



Location Number of Dark Knights Level HP Drops (c, uc, r)
Obsidian Tower (45F) 1 35 780 Toothpicks, Darkness Crystal, Black Horn, Wyvern Horn
Lapis Ruins (55F) 2 51 1100 Toothpicks, Darkness Crystal, Wyvern Horn

Crystal Nightmare

Location Number of Dark Knights Level HP Drops (c, r)
45F 1 75 1560 Darkness Crystal, Wyvern Horn, Black Horn
55F 2 91 1900 Darkness Crystal, Wyvern Horn, Black Horn

Boss Behaviour

The Dark Knights have 2 attacks. The first is identical to Louie's Vacuum Sword and Nagi's Vacuum Spear only that the wave is wider. It will use this everytime the adventurer is positioned vertically or horizontally from its current position. Its second attack is a Lightning Bolt that targets its current location, this is only used if the boss is under attack at melee range and is blocking it repeatadly. It will wander around semi-aimlessly, meaning it does not necessarily offensively track you but will take every opportunity to attack. Its shield will block all attacks from the front when it is not attacking.


Obviously given the bosses dislike to prolonged melee combat a hit n run tactic is advised, taking every opportunity you can to maximise your damage per hit. With 2 Knights running around plus all the minions things can get very tricky, especially on the 2nd Crystal Nightmare fight where the bosses level and attack power is huge. Dodging the Vacuum Sword attack at close range can be very difficult but also a melee characters only hope of causing damage. Approach as closely as possible, moving diagonally across the boss causing it to aim at the side you were on, giving you a shot to its side. Alternatively you can use Flame Charge (or similar skills) and rush through its attack without damage to hit it or get within range, possibly getting some more hits in before you are forced to retreat.

  • Louie - Luckily for Louie he can block the Vacuum Sword attack so long as he's facing it. Simply walk straight towards and the moment you block the attack, hit it hard with normal attacks and Spin Slash before retreating to avoid the Lightning Bolt. Rinse and repeat till victory.
  • Charme - Use your speed and sprint close to the boss and easily dodge its attack. Mirror Images can be used to maximise your damage per hit when you get past its defence.
  • Caillou - You have it is easy for this boss. Simply approach it from any distance and when it uses Vacuum Sword, unleash Sparkburst, avoiding the attack and hitting it while its defence is down. If you are close enough or have high enough Magic you will kill it in seconds, too slow and it will begin to block again. Be careful of the second boss.
  • Elan - While avoiding damage would be best, Berserk will allow for mistakes by preventing the stun. Fist Flurry could also be used if you are close enough.
  • Griff - Same as Elan but Demon Soul. Vampire Vortex can help keep the minions away.
  • Tielle - Close on in and provoke the knight into firing off a wave, then use Cuterage to evade the attack while paralyzing the nearby small knights at the same time. Immediately after, quickly fire a Charge 2 or 3 shot while the knight is vulnerable for high damage. Alternatively, gratuitous use of Starshot Arrow and Seeker Arrow also works as long as they are timed to evade the Vacuum Sword.
  • Nagi - With Nagi's slow attack speed you need to be on your toes with Dash to get past the Knights defence. Hundred Thrusts may help, failing that get in close via a diagonal and use Spin Slash to avoid damage from Vacuum Sword.
  • Arma - High rate of fire weapons like Drill Arm and Gatling Unit are of great use here of all ranges. This will prevent the boss recovering its defence after each hit.