The Crowned Slime


The Crowned Slime is the first boss you will encounter in Recettear. It is essentially a very large regular blue Slime with a crown on the top. In total there are 3 encounters with this boss, each encounter adds an additional Crowned Slime to the fight.



Location Number of Crowned Slimes Level HP Drops (c, r)
Jade Way (5F) 1 5 180 Slime Liver, Slime Stone
Amber Garden (25F)2 18 440
Lapis Ruins (25F) 3 47 1020

Crystal Nightmare

Location Number of Crowned Slimes Level HP Drops (c, r)
31F 1 51 1100 Slime Liver, Slime Stone
37F 2 61 1300
51F 3 85 1780

Boss Behavior

At the start of the fight the boss has very high defense, though with enough attack power this can be overcome. Mostly he is immobile, making only very small movements, his only attack is a jump which has no prior warning, only that it happens roughly every 5-10 seconds. Upon landing the Slime will shrink, losing some of its defense in the process making it easier to damage. Regular Slimes also appear and after 3 jumps they will be absorbed into the boss returning him to his full size and the process begins over. Disposing of the small Slimes will prevent Boss Slimes from regaining their bulk.


This boss is by far the most trivial in the game and can easily be killed in all its iterations without any damage. When encountered in the Crystal Nightmare it is best to be cautious, particularly with average equipment as wasting healing items unnecessarily can easily doom your boss rush. In general you will not want to waste SP on this boss. Strategies will be given on a per adventurer basis:

  • Louie - Use Spin Slash only when you can hit more than 1 boss.
  • Charme - Use images to better inflict damage on multiple slimes in 1 attack, otherwise save your SP.
  • Caillou - Depending on your magic power either stand well back and simply fire Sparkburst until it dies or run in point blank range to finish it off before it can jump the first time. A well-placed Ice Mine can also end the fight in one cast.
  • Elan - Have Berserk ready when it/they jump and rush in. Avoid using Fist Flurry due to its fairly limited range and high SP cost.
  • Griff - With Demon Soul buffing up attack speed and damage and your already large attack radius, killing multiple bosses between jumps should be trivial.
  • Tielle - Cuterage! allows you to stand well back and fire a huge barrage of arrows quickly. Depending on the number of bosses, choose your distance.
  • Nagi - Use Hundred Thrusts when it will allow you to hit multiple bosses.
  • Arma - Using Vector Cannon would be a dreadful waste of SP, stick to regular attacks. For safety use a ranged weapon. Note: As of version 1.108, the Punch Unit does not hit the smallest size of Crowned Slime, leading to a very difficult fight.