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Thankful Statue
Once an object of worship, these are just simple statues now. Still worth a fair bit.
Type Treasures
Base price 4550 pix
Purchase price
High:  3822 pix
Normal:  3185 pix
Low:  2548 pix
Buyback price
High:  1638 pix
Normal:  1365 pix
Low:  1092 pix



Can be used to create Knight's Helm Knight's Helm (Rank 1 Helm)

Ingredient Amount
Warrior's Helm Warrior's Helm 1
Statue Thankful Statue 1
Slime Liver Slime Liver 1

Additional Notes

These are the unbroken versions of the Unthankful Statue Unthankful Statue.

Unthankful Statue Unthankful Statue Statue Thankful Statue Golden Pedestal Golden Pedestal Goldenscales Golden Scalesx22pxGold Candyx22pxHawk Statue Back Scratcher Back Scratcherx22pxPot Standx22pxHand Lantern Cat Statue Cat Statuex22pxPicnic Basketx22pxStarsand Hourglass Goldfish Bowl Goldfish Bowl Silver Photo Stand Silver Photo Stand Very Odd Vase Very Odd Vasex22pxBlue Teacup Silver Watch Silver Watch Messy Scroll Messy Scroll Skull Candle Skull Candle Candlestick Candlestickx22pxOld Teacupx22pxGlass Flower Daruma Doll Daruma Dollx22pxSticky Potteryx22pxOld Clock Raccoon Statue Raccoon Statue Welcome Bear Welcome Bearx22pxPitted Pot Gentlecat Statue Gentlecat Statue Dream Censer Dream Censerx22pxPharmacist Glasses Miniature Castle Miniature Castle Dream Kaleidoscope Dream Kaleidoscopex22pxTeacher's Polex22pxSuperfisher DX Old Man Pole Old Man Polex22pxBassmaster Pole Earth Emblem Earth Emblem Flame Emblem Flame Emblemx22pxWind Emblem Water Emblem Water Emblemx22pxFood Emblem Coin Emblem Coin Emblemx22pxMusic Boxx22pxOld Gramophonex22pxAntique Gramophonex22pxDragon Ornament

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