SuperVend SDXK56
Item box
A super-efficient, high-yield vender that can even act as a slot machine. Tear disabled THAT feature...
Type Venders
Effect Holds 10 items
Base price 120000 pix
Purchase price
High:  100800 pix
Normal:  84000 pix
Low:  67200 pix
Buyback price
High:  43200 pix
Normal:  36000 pix
Low:  28800 pix


Additional Notes

  • One of the most expensive items for sale by the market/guildmaster. Thus one of the best buy/resell profits but only sellable at normal price by stocking a vending machine with vending machines.(The 1.108 patch fixes this bug.) (Best to buy when the price is down for about 33,000 pix gain per machine)
  • Players are also able to sell these at a markup when customers approach Recette, requesting a Metal item.


SuperVend SDXK56

SuperVend SDXK56 appearance

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