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Strong Concoction

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Strong Concoction
Strong concoction
Using this medicine will increase your attack power.
Type Medicines
Effect Doubles ATK & MAG Temporarily
Base price 10000 pix
Buyback price
High:  3600 pix
Normal:  3000 pix
Low:  2400 pix



  • Fusion Recipe
Ingredient Amount
Medicine Base 1
Fire Crystal 1

Additional Notes

  • Effect lasts for approximately one minute or upon moving to a new floor.
  • Effect does not stack with itself, it can however be used in combination with other concoctions.
  • Item bonuses appear to not increase the effect or duration of the concoction.
  • Effect states that it increases attack by 30 Points, however, this change is not reflected in the character's numerical stats and seems be actually much higher in actual use.
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