Starsand Hourglass
Starsand Hourglass
Item box
A romantic hourglass filled with star-like sand. The shape of the sand make it inaccurate, though.
Type Treasures
Base price 13200 pix
Buyback price
High:  4752 pix
Normal:  3960 pix
Low:  3168 pix



Can be used to create Silver Spear Silver Spear (Rank 1 Spear)

Ingredient Amount
Iron SpearIron Spear 1
Starsand HourglassStarsand Hourglass 1

Can be used to create Holy Trident Holy Trident (Rank 2 Spear)

Ingredient Amount
FlameguardFlameguard 1
CandlestickCandlestick 1
Starsand HourglassStarsand Hourglass 1

Can be used to create Fortuna Armband Fortuna Armband (Rank 4 Bracelet)

Ingredient Amount
Angel BraceletAngel Bracelet 1
Starsand HourglassStarsand Hourglass 3

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