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Spirit Magatama
Spirit Magatama
Item box
This necklace from a distant land is said to be the remains of the lord of all spirit beasts.
Type Necklaces
Equippable by Nagi, Tielle, Arma
Effect DEF+24, MAG+5, MDEF+22
Base price 69000 pix
Buyback price
High:  24840 pix
Normal:  20700 pix
Low:  16560 pix



Can be used to create Karmic Necklace Karmic Necklace (Rank 5 Necklace)

Ingredient Amount
Spirit MagatamaSpirit Magatama 1
Heretic NecklaceHeretic Necklace 1
Ghost TearGhost Tear 10
Treeseed NecklaceTreeseed NecklaceShell NecklaceShell Necklacex22pxMagnet NecklaceAzure NecklaceAzure Necklacex22pxViolet NecklaceRune AmuletRune AmuletSpirit MagatamaSpirit Magatamax22pxFruitdrop AmuletHeretic NecklaceHeretic NecklaceKarmic NecklaceKarmic Necklace

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