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Spears are a type of Equipment that can be used by Nagi.

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Laundry PoleLaundry Pole 350 500 +8 0 0 0 Long enough to be useful, even if it's lacking in the "sharpness" department. Common among rookies. Weapons
Iron SpearIron Spear 1,260 1,800 +14 0 0 0 The standard tool of many adventurers. Also quite handy at knocking down low-hanging fruit. Metal
Practice LancePractice Lance 2,940 4,200 +20 +3 0 0 A standard practice lance. You, too, can learn how to charge down the enemy without breaking your lance! Weapons
Silver SpearSilver Spear n/a 7,200 +26 0 0 +4 Beautiful spear with an elongated head. Exquisite craftsmanship is evident over the entire surface. Holy
Precious Metal
Level 1 Fusion
Grand NaginataGrand Naginata 7,700 11,000 +32 0 +4 0 Eastern-styled halberd of exceptional quality. An inexperienced user will have trouble with it. Weapons
FlameguardFlameguard n/a 16,000 +48 -5 0 +10 A spear of eastern design which protects its user from anything on the charge, even a sea of flames. Weapons
Platinum HalberdPlatinum Halberd 20,300 29,000 +56 +4 -5 0 A versatile polearm useful in many situations. Its beauty belies all the combat it has seen. Precious Metal
WhalekillerWhalekiller 35,700 51,000 +72 0 0 0 A massive harpoon made to slay the Whale Tyrant. Exactly who won is unknown, but the weapon remains. Weapons
Holy TridentHoly Trident n/a 80,000 +80 +5 0 +10 Three-pronged spear, favored and blessed by a sea god. Calls to mind a multi-headed serpent. Weapons Level 2 Fusion
LesatoLesato n/a 138,000 +94 0 +7 0 A lance blessed with divine power, capable of piercing mountain, sea and mortal foolishness equally. Weapons
Cobra SpearCobra Spear n/a 251,000 +110 -8 0 -8 Snakelike spear of an invincible warrior. The inscription reads... "Beware of alcohol"?... Weapons
MortemirareMortemirare n/a 372,000 +128 +4 +20 +12 An ages-old weapon from the endless conflict between god and devil, banished from the sight of Heaven. Weapons Level 4 Fusion
Vacula SpearVacula Spear n/a 554,000 +146 0 0 0 A glaive forged of a strange, unbreakable metal. Its twin, a sword, is in the hands of a young woman. Weapons
Abyssal GlaiveAbyssal Glaive n/a 576,000 +170 -20 +10 -15 The tool of the knights of the outer dark. Its mere presence inspires men to slay gods and do evil. Sinister
x22pxNature's Grace n/a 1,320,000 +178 0 0 0 The result of miracle fusion. Weighs nothing. A warrior using this spear seems to dance, not fight. Weapons Level 5 Fusion

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