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Soul Ring
Soul Ring
Item box
The holy fire within this ring will prevent the wearer from dying; this will break the ring.
Type Rings
Base price 200000 pix
Buyback price
High:  72000 pix
Normal:  60000 pix
Low:  48000 pix



Can be used to create Majestic Clothes Majestic Clothes (Rank 5 Shirt)

Ingredient Amount
Panda SuitPanda Suit 1
Phoenix GarbPhoenix Garb 1
Soul RingSoul Ring 1


If an adventurer is reduced to 0 HP while the ring is equipped, the ring will activate and restore the adventurer to maximum HP.

Additional Notes

  • This is a one-use only ring unlike others, however it has its uses in keeping an adventurer alive long enough to reach the end of arduous dungeons with loot intact.

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