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Scarves are a type of Equipment that can be used by Louie, Caillou, Tielle and Elan.

All Scarves are considered to be something warm.

List of Scarves

Name Purchase
ATK DEF MAG MDEF Description Categories Notes
Old Muffler 35 pix 50 0 1 0 2 An old but well-loved muffler. Washed with care, so it's snuggly, clean and suprisingly protective.
Handknit Muffler 2,100 pix 3,000 1 2 1 4 A muffler knitted with love and infused with the affection of its creator. That heart mark, though...
Fleece Muffler 8,400 pix 12,000 2 4 2 8 Made of the fleece of a certain kind of hard to catch mauntain sheep.
Plaid Muffler 26,000 3 6 3 12 A warm scarf, oddly popular with wizards. Patterns vary, but the ones Old Lady Anne makes are popular. Level 1 Fusion
Legendary Scarf 26,600 pix 38,000 0 8 4 16 The design of this muffler has been passed through a certain guild for generations.
Holy Beast Scarf 57,000 5 10 5 21 A muffler made of the fur of a holy beast. Did... they use the entire beast to make this?... Level 2 Fusion
Diana's Heart 83,000 10 12 6 26 Supposedly woven by a goddess. This scarf has some flaws, but the care - and power - still shine through
Dragon's Mane 112,000 8 15 12 42 The mane of a heavenly dragon who pretects the land. Grants the wearer incredible courage.
Samael's Mantle 145,000 20 8 10 -20 Said to be the property of a demon of death. If it grows longer, beware - death is coming for you.
Warrior's Will 185,000 18 30 12 56 The ultimate, fusion-born scarf. Just wearing this inspires heroes to great acts of valor and bravery. Level 5 Fusion
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