Salamander Scale
Salamander Scale
Item box
The scale of a lizard which lives happily in hot places. Not hot to the touch, but it will warm water.
Type Ingredients
Base price 700 pix
Buyback price
High:  252 pix
Normal:  210 pix
Low:  168 pix



Can be used to create Battle Suit Battle Suit (Rank 4 Armor)

Ingredient Amount
Guardian ArmorGuardian Armor 1
Salamander ScaleSalamander Scale 3
Tough StoneTough Stone 1

Can be used to create Omega Cannon Omega Cannon (Rank 5 Parts)

Ingredient Amount
Pandora UnitPandora Unit 1
Gold HornGold Horn 1
Salamander ScaleSalamander Scale 15

Can be used to create TH Shield TH Shield (Rank 5 Shield)

Ingredient Amount
Amber ShieldAmber Shield 1
Sealed ShieldSealed Shield 1
Salamander ScaleSalamander Scale 10

Farming Salamander Scales

To best farm Salamander Scales, it is recommended to take Tielle to Floors 1 - 5 of the Lapis Ruins as these are the weakest Will o' Wisps that can drop Salamander Scales available. Bring an ample amount of Meditation Rings and Melons, especially if Tielle has anything less than the One Shot Wonder as a weapon; you can always discard or feed them to Tielle later to free inventory.

Upon starting the dungeon, search for a floor that has beneficial effects, in particular, "Adventurer's Attack Power Has Doubled" is the most desired announcement to come by. This is not absolutely required, especially if you have the One Shot Wonder as this bow can still one shot kill Will o' Wisps after they reach the Level 51 maximum on the first floor, but it does make things much easier, and you will be on that floor for a very long time. The floor effect "Will-o-Wisps will appear soon" will make things much faster, though it is possible to be overwhelmed by the amount of Will-o-Wisps there are.

From here on, simply wait till the Will o' Wisps come out near the floor exit, then engage then in combat, making sure to use Tielle's "Cuterage!" ability with extreme prejudice to stop them from moving and defeat each one with Charged 3+ shots as quickly as possible. Take caution, as Will o' Wisps gradually increase in level to a set limit and can do incredible damage on contact, use Cuterage at every opportunity to avoid this.

An easier strategy involves using Caillou: Spark Burst kills level 51 Will o'Wisps reliably at close range and timing Fireballs to shoot at them directly after spawning allows replenishing mana infinitely. The advantage to this tactic is that it can be easily done with low-quality equipment: I mowed down dozens of them with nothing but a Spirit Staff+15 and bought equipment. Will-o-Wisps may also drop certain mana replenishing food such as Candy or Taiyaki.

Collecting enough Salamander Scales to facilitate all three fusions will involve the downfall of hundreds of Will o' Wisps and 28 Salamander Scales, as such, do not hesitate to retreat should you find yourself in trouble.

Additional Details

  • Due to the varying amount of Salamander Scales required for fusion, it is recommended to save the ones you have with the highest bonuses for the Battle Suit while using the second highest for the TH Shield and the remainder for the Pandora Unit for the best bonus distribution. This because the Battle Suit only uses 3 Salamander Scales, making it much more difficult to reach the +15 maximum bonus than the other two.

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