Reginald Drisby is the second boss you will encounter. He is completely unlike any other foe in the game and appears to be a giant rat wielding a Crowbar. He may be in some way related to the Gnolls as he drops a Charred Lizard, a drop found rarely on Gnolls later in the game. In total you encounter this boss 3 times, each time with a different and more powerful weapon, namely, a Fan, then finally a Giant Fish.

Reginald Drisby Reginald v2
Wielding a Crowbar Wielding a Paper Fan
Reginald v3
Wielding a Giant Fish



Location Weapon Wielded Level HP Drops (c, r)
Jade Way (10F) Crowbar 8 360 Charred Lizard, Tail
Lapis Ruins (10F) Fan 44 1440 Tail
Lapis Ruins (60F) Giant Fish 52 1680 Tail, Large Fang

Crystal Nightmare

Location Weapon Wielded Level HP Drops (c, r)
32F Crowbar 52 1680 Tail, Samael's Mantle
48F Fan 79 2490 Tail, Sealed Shield
56F Giant Fish 93 2910 Tail,  Abyssal Glaive

Boss Behaviour

This boss will alternate between following the adventurer aggressively, attacking when he gets within range, and wandering around aimlessly, completely disregarding the adventurer even when under attack. He has 2 main attacks, using his weapon he will swing it in an arc in front of him once or twice. When wielding the Giant Fish he may also do a third combo attack which consists of swinging the weapon over his head to slam it on the ground inflicting damage in an area that extends beyond his normal range. His other attack he will spray out bubbles in a wide cone in front of him, the bubbles move with random speeds and directions from the boss. During the fight there are 2 types of Mushrooms popping up from the ground. These do not move or attack in any way. The red mushrooms heal Reginald Drisby for roughly 300-500 depending on the encounter while the purple mushrooms stun him. As the boss has extremely high defence which reduces damage to 1 or 2, it is necessary to stun him to weaken his defence considerably and deal damage. With enough attack power you can overcome this defence though the damage will always be less than when stunned.


Mushroom purple Drisby

A purple burrowing mushroom.

As the version of the boss gets stronger, fewer and fewer Purple Mushrooms spawn in the battleground, requiring you to avoid Drisby while killing all Red Mushrooms which popup. It is advisable to damage him in some way as inflicting no damage at all may never cause him to attempt to heal. Once he moves towards a mushroom, move behind him and attack for the Back Attack damage bonus until he regains his footing, repeat this tactic as many times as required. Specific strategies per adventurer:

  • Louie - Spamming Spinslash from behind will cause extremely high damage though will use up a lot of SP.
  • Charme - Quickly throwing out multiple images to assist when attacking the stunned boss will aid damage.
  • Caillou - Moving around behind him and unleashing Sparkburst may easily kill the boss in a single stun with even mediocre Magic power.
  • Elan , Griff & Tielle - Utilise the Berserk type skill to enhance damage/attack speed/arrow charge speed to inflict as much damage as possible.
  • Nagi - ActivateHundred Thrusts and/or Vacuum Spear to maximise damage output.
  • Arma - Timing Vector Cannon to hit when stunned will inflict massive damage, though this will consume all SP which may not be a good strategy unless you intend to exit the dungeon after the boss.


When running the game on a Mac using Wineskin, this boss is completely invisible except for his shadow. Given the errors that also tend to deprive Mac users of sound when porting this game, these bugs make Reginald Drisby a much harder boss than on Windows systems.