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Red Oil
An oil that looks like blood. Only really useful for lighting lamps.
Type Ingredients
Base price 1500 pix
Buyback price
High:  540 pix
Normal:  450 pix
Low:  360 pix



Can be used to create Plaid Muffler Plaid Muffler (Rank 1 Muffler)

Ingredient Amount
Handknit Muffler Handknit Muffler 2
Toothpicks Toothpicks 8
Red Oil Red Oil 3

Can be used to create Rocket Glove Rocket Glove (Rank 2 Glove)

Ingredient Amount
Champion Glove Champion Glove 1
Gunpowder Gunpowder 10
Red Oil Red Oil 5

Can be used to create Apple Pie Apple Pie (Rank 3 Food)

Ingredient Amount
Paella Pan Paella Pan 1
Honey Honey 5
Red Oil Red Oil 3
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