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One of the favored parts of Recettear is the witty dialogue. This page collects that dialogue and witty writing.


  • "Pie-kay!"
  • "Yayifications!"
  • "So, because I'm bigger, I'm the big sister, right?"
  • "Yepperoni! Easy as pie!"
  • "Capitalism, ho!"
  • "So! I have an item shop! And stuff! And it's cool and awesome!"
  • "...I wonder if I can survive with only two internal organs?...Maybe if I eat a lot of spinach, that can replace my blood, or...oh, but I don't wanna be a sailor!"
  • "...I sold stuff. Like. To people."
  • "Aww, but I wanted to leave through the window, like an action hero!"
  • "Holy Carp"
  • "Stained-glass yayness!"


  • "Believe me, she is the only round, strange object currently present!" (about Recette being an oddball)
  • "Those who take the game without paying will be foreclosed on." (from the end of the demo)
  • "Well, dinner parties do not usually involve blood-thirsty beasts attempting to rip you limb from limb..."
  • "Just be sure Recette isn't on the menu." (when Recette compares being friends with adventurers to attending a dinner party)
  • "You know, you seem to have a basic understanding of how to sell things to people and not drive them to burn the shop in anger."
  • "The clock does not have a 'G'morning' hand!"
  • "...Your logic, as always, is breathtaking in its faultiness."
  • "Well, Adam Smith would be proud of us, at any rate..."


  • "A cute girl like me could get in all kinds of peril!" --Recette
  • "I do not recall saying anything about you being cute." --Tear

  • "Button 3? Custom.exe?" --Recette
  • "Focus, Recette. Your life is hard enough to control as it is." --Tear

  • "... Out of curiosity."
  • "Precisely what is the asking price for one of these postcards?" --Tear
  • "A mere 500,000 pix!" --Euria
  • "Might I suggest we return home? Now?" --Tear
  • "W-w-wait! It'll make a wonderful, uh, heirloom!"
  • "And the price will only go up, you know! It's an investment! Really" --Euria
  • "Somehow... I doubt that." --Tear
(later on)
  • "Son of a SUBMARINER! I'm gettin' nothin' but bums today!"
  • "Why the hell isn't the ol' Euria Charm hauling them in?! Little brat..." --Euria
(later on again)
  • "Ain't there some rich, foolish adventurer out there with more money than good sense? I'm dyin', here!" --Euria
  • "Cool, that old guy gives really big bonuses! So, what to do for lunch..." --Louie
  • "Heeeeeey! You there! Mr. Cool Swordsman! Hi!" --Euria

  • "Let me guess: youuuuu have a crush on Tear, don'cha?" --Recette
  • "... What. Is. This. That idea is so disconnected from reality that I cannot tell whether you are mocking me or are trying to be profound."
  • "And ... failing. Badly. Speak plainly." --Griff
  • "Yeeeah, I bet I'm right! Some guys show their affection by teasing ..."
  • "But too bad mister! 'Cause Tear is my ..." --Recette

  • "Wait. This is it, isn't it?! The moment I've been dreading!"
  • "You're going to ask for Tear's hand in marriage, aren't you?!" --Recette
  • "...Misunderstanding as profound as hers leads to religions. BAD ones." --Griff speaking truth about general people. Recette is too cute\adorable\etc. to be saying that she would start [bad religions] >.<

  • "WH-WHAT'N THE CRAZY CRAP CRACKERS?! That... where... HOW?!"
  • "Some of these are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to!... How the flippin' flapjacks did y..." --Caillou when he gets his ingrediants from Tear--uh, I mean, Recette!!

  • A Lord of Darkness in this day and age?
  • Please tell me you're not actually serious! -- Recette
  • Ghkt! What is ...
  • Is there something WRONG with being a a Lord of Darkness?
  • ... Obvious objections aside, that is! -- Griff
  • Well, it's good to have a big dream and aim high, and conquering the world and covering it in darkness and a lack of candy is definitely a big dream!
  • But still...
  • A darkly handsome demonic overlord who wants only pain and suffering, and uses and ancient, sealed evil to achieve his ends?
  • Nowadays? Are you serious? People will just laugh at you!
  • I'm kind of embarassed just listening to all this!
  • Oh yeah, the "everybody kills everybody forever" stuff is dumb too.
  • But the "Lord of Darkness" stuff is just ... man! -- Recette
  • Well... having it put like that is certainly ... hmm -- Griff

  • So I am TERRIFYING, you say? Really? Terrifying ... --Tear
  • Um, that smile you have is kind of .. yeah, I think "terror" sounds about- --Recette
  •  *shaking of characters*

  • Heeey, could it be that you melt if the sun touches your skin? --Recette
  • Your "logic" is breathtaking in its stupidity. Again. --Griff
  • Well, then why do we never see you out during the day? --Recette
  • ... Mmph ...
  • The sun is too bright during the day and ... I don't do well with it. --Griff
  • Oh, I see.
  • But despite that, you've got an awesome tan! --Recette
  • You ... realize this is not a "tan", correct? ...--Griff

  • You need to pay me some money y'know!--Recette
  • "Money" Term undefined. Elaborate.--Arma
  • I need to explain money? Yikes... I'd better start all over, then.
  • So, uh, how do I explain what money is?
  • Well, the money we use is referred to as "pix"
  • <fade to black>
  • ... So that's why different items cost different amounts, see?
  • <fade to black>
  • .. And that's when the hero yelled, "this is the end of my journey!" ...
  • <fade to black>
  • ... and that's why you need to pay for items in places like this! --Recette 

  • The Guild discovered a new dungeon! Only there's something up with this one. --Louie
  • Something up? Like Stairs? --Recette

Other Characters

  • "My inner mind has become a reality-cracking overgod. He torments me! Help!" --a quest posting in the Pub
  • "Son of a Submariner!" -- Euria
  • "My grandchild has been pestering me to get some clothes." -- Old Man
  • "Now this will come in handy!" -- Housewife buying Platinum Halberd
  • "Really, a proper player won't be satisfied beating the game just once!" -- Alouette speaking truth
  • "My brother asked me to pick this up" -- Girl buying Sailor Outfit
  • "My wife was nagging me to pick this up" --Man buying Sailor Outfit
  • "I need something for my experiments... this'll do I guess" --Caillou buying Sailor Outfit
  • "My soul burns with an awesome power! This feeling tells me... that this here thing is worth more money!" -- Louie getting undercharged.
  • "My brother asked me to pick this up" --Girl buying Parade Armor
  • Not even one in-game day afther the above quote... "My mother asked me to buy this" --Girl buying Parade Armor... again...
  • "My grandmother told me to sell this if I ever ran into any trouble after she died and well..."-- Man selling walnut bread

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