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Prime is a fairy that can be seen sometimes accompanying Alouette. She claims to be Alouette's guardian.

She often appears in the shop when the atmosphere is dark.

Until you increase your relationship level with her, Prime only accepts the smallest of mark-ups. She also has a tendency to lie and haggle even on prices she will accept.

Customer Data

  • Preferred atmosphere: 4 Dark, 3 Gaudy
  • Likes: Swords, Daggers, Staves, Bows, Spears, Gloves, Claws, Arm Parts
  • Budget: 12,000-600,000
  • Active times: Noon, Evening, Night
  • She buys up to 105% which will usually give a just or near pin

NPCs: AlouetteEuriaGuild MasterPrimeTownsfolk
Adventurers: ArmaCaillouCharmeElanGriffLouieNagiTielle

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