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Plate of Grief

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Plate of Grief
Plate of Grief
Item box
After the "Seven Day Invasion" ended, this armor was found in a sea of blood. Is that the royal seal?...
Type Breastplates
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Tielle, Nagi, Griff, Arma
Effect ATK+15 DEF+146 MAG+10 MDEF+42
Base price 570000 pix
Buyback price
High:  205200 pix
Normal:  171000 pix
Low:  136800 pix



Can be used to create Master's Plate (Rank 5 Breastplate).
Fusion recipe:

Ingredient Amount
Barrier Plate 1
Plate of Grief 1
Wind Emblem 1

Additional Notes

  • Unlike most rare drops from the Crystal Nightmare bosses, this one has no negative effects.

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