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Item box
The result of miraculous fusion, this garment is destined to assist a legendary magic user.
Type Robes
Equippable by Caillou, Elan, Griff
Effect DEF+136, MDEF+108
Base price 522000 pix
Buyback price
High:  187920 pix
Normal:  156600 pix
Low:  125280 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 5 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Wharf CoatWharf Coat 1
Faust's BargainFaust's Bargain 1
Darkness CrystalDarkness Crystal 15

Additional Notes

  • While Faust's Bargain may seem a better robe with large ATK and MAG bonuses and a small DEF loss, the Pandemonium will most probably be created with a +15 bonus because of a large amount of Darkness Crystals used to create it, providing a total of DEF+151, which is a really good bonus for frail mages.

WeaponsArmorsOther ArmorsAccessoriesFoodDecorationsOtherIngredients
Clothes • Robes • BreastplatesArmor
RaincoatRaincoatCloth RobeCloth RobeThick RobeThick RobeWarm RobeWarm RobeWizard's RobeWizard's RobeFur RobeFur RobeSpirit-beast RobeSpirit-beast RobeSanta CoatSanta CoatBlessed VestmentsBlessed VestmentsGoetia RobeGoetia RobeWharf CoatWharf CoatMoonlight RobeMoonlight RobeEos RobeEos RobeFaust's BargainFaust's BargainPandemoniumPandemonium

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