This Table shows the quickest way to unlock all characters (except Nagi, which depends on random encounters, and Arma (couldn't try)) as well as the dungeons up to Obsidian Tower. This list is best with NewGame+ because you (should) already have

  • the reputation to get the Business Card the next time you open the store after they became customers
  • unlocked the dungeon floors to shorten the time for completing them as well as
  • the Items/Levels/"Skill" to master them quickly.
  • Besides, the first weeks are practically freetime as you mostly have items to easily gather 120.000 pix in the first week, leading to nearly complete ignorance torwards the debt payment for the first three or even four weeks.

Besides the Business Cards (which will mess a bit with the order), this could(?) be possible even for a Newbie (but still requires kind of skill from similar games).


  • Encounter Events are required for the showing up of a character the first time in your store
  • Meet-Events mean the character can now visit the shop as regular customer (depending on atmosphere)
  • Get-Events mean you get the Business-Card of the Character
    • Note: Meet/Get-Events require a appropriate atmosphere and time. It will then (most likely) trigger the next time you open the shop. Exceptions are orders, but that's another story.
  • The Number in the Event-Desc. is the observed EventPriority-Number of the location.
  • Bold Cycles are required for unlocking dungeons
  • The [!] links to the Event-Page

Cyclus Where Why [!]
Day 2
Adventure Guild
Meet Louie [!]
Morning + Noon
D0 – The Hall of Trials (1 – 5)
Get Louie
Unlock Jade Way
Evening + Night
D1 – Jade Way (11 – 15)
Fight Charme
Encounter Charme
Day 3
Morning Plaza - 2nd DayScene - [Recette - I love relaxing] Trigger Events (for D2) [!]
Open Store – See Charme x2
Open Store – See Caillou x1
Important: Stay below 100k*
Meet & Get Charme
EncounterMeet Caillou
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • 2nd Chapel-Scene [Recette - Tear and Terme Finace](Link)
  • If you have more than 100.000 pix
    • 1st PlazaDay-Scene [MeetEvent of Euria]
* Stay below 100k to prevent Euria from showing up the next day (As her Meet-Event Eventpriority is the highest of all PlazaEvents)
** Caillou will come with Merchant Lv7 or higher.
  • If Charme also enters (likely due to similar atmo-likeness), her events will come first (Both Meet and Get).
  • Note: Caillou has in fact 2 different Encounter events, depending on whether you have his items or not (and rewarding the former which a much higher tip). Even if you own his True Card you still have to fulfill his order to unlock him.
Day 4
Morning Plaza - 3rd DayScene - [Louie collects Food] Trigger Events (for D2)
Noon Plaza - 4th DayScene - [Tielle shows up] Enable Amber Event
Evening Open Store - See Charme Unlock Amber Garden
Night Pub - 1st Scene - [Recette - Is Alcohol yummy?] Trigger Events (for Elan)
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • Only during Noon: 1st Chapel-Event [Louie's prayer for lunch]
  • 1st MarketEvening-Event [Woman doesn't knows waht to make for dinner today/this month]
  • 3rd PlazaNight-Scene [Scareful Guild Master]
Day 5
Morning + Noon
D2 – Amber Garden (26 - 30)
Fight Tielle
Encounter Tielle
Evening Pub - 2nd Scene - [Pub Quests] Trigger Events (for Elan)
Night Pub - 4th Scene - [Charme about Ponce]* Trigger Events (for Elan)
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • 6th PlazaDay-Scene [Woman - Am I getting old?]
  • At Noon: 5th PlazaDay-Scene [Louie shares his Lunch with a dog]
  • At Evening: 1st PlazaEvening-Scene [Recette - Let's go home]
* Only if you got Charme's Business Card
Day 6
Before anything*
Tielle thanks Recette for her recover and goes into town to search for her sister Meet Tielle
Doubles as the first event of Tielle's
Open Store, see Tielle
Open Store, see Caillou
Get Tielle and Caillou
Evening Pub - 3nd Scene - [Louie about the well paid/deadly quests] Trigger Events (for Elan)
Night Pub - 5nd Scene - [Elan's Tab]** Trigger Events (for Elan)
Tear happens to get an event of bad omen***, but as Recette asks Tear complains about her late bedtime.
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • If you fought Tielle and have seen her Event the next morning (in this list yesterday/this morning respectively):
    • The EventChain of Tielle, where she tries to search for her sister, but instead got lost in a heaven of sweets. It is made up of 5 events (incl. the one above), of which three happen at the Market during day with the final fifth one the next time you open the store after the fourth. 3rd
    • An Event around Midnight of Tear complaining Recettes late Bedtime
      • Like hinted below, this will unlock the EventChain which leads to the 3rd Dungeon, the Obsidian Tower
  • The 6th Pub-Scene [Charme's "strange" humor] (only if unlocked Charme)
  • 8th Plaza-Day-Scene [Euria about Pyramid Business] (only if unlocked Euria)
  • Note: Louie's Pub event is enabled not yesterday, but today's evening; but if you miss Charme's 2nd one, it will come after this. That's why the numbers aren't in order, only in case you're wondering.
* Note: This isn't completely true. If you fight Tielle on Day 8, it will be pushed back to after Alouettes Meet-Event (You'll still see it, through). The same goes (I think) for Day 15 and Arma's Visit
** Only if you got Charme's Business Card
*** Her bad omen is of course the arrival of Griff, who you will get to know the next nights.
Note: The best time to do the "Get Caillou"-Event (if you're lacking his true card) as well as the last two Pub visits would be today, but both Pubs can also be pushed to the 7th/8th night respectively, as you still have to see the Events with Griff, which are required for for D3, and do the Pub along. Of course, the Orphanage Package as well as Meet'n'get of Elan slips to later days, opening some freetime, for example, to search earlier for Nagi.
Day 7
Morning Merchant Guild - Deliver a Package to the Orphanage Encounter Elan
Noon Open Store, see Elan Meet Elan Note: Elan does not shop in the evening, according to his wiki page (and my experience) so he is first recruitable tomorrow morning
Evening Freetime
Night Plaza - 1st Scene [Griff's Warning Part 1] Trigger Events (for D3)
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • At Noon: 10th Plaza-Day-Scene [Old Man and Grandchild's Present]
Day 8
Morning Open Store, see Elan Get Elan
Night Plaza - 2nd Scene [Griff's Warning Part 2] Trigger Events (for D3)
Debt Event 1 - 10.000
Day 9
Before anything
Alouette and Prime meeting event
Freetime Maybe try to find Nagi [1]
Evening Open Store, see Griff - [Griff's Warning 3] Enable Obsidian Event
Night Open Store, see Louie - [Tells about D3] Unlock Obsidian Tower
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • 7th Plaza-Day-Scene [Girl's Doll is broken]
  • You can now find Alouette as well as Nagi randomly in Dungeons. The Encounter-Event of the latter consists of 4 Parts, after which she will visit you and you can gain her as Adventurer.
Day 10
Before anything
Tear - Explaining News Ticker
Morning + Noon
D3 – Obsidian Tower (55 – 60)
Fight Griff & The Archdevil's Arm
Encounter Griff
Open Store, see Griff 2x Meet'n'Get Griff
Additional Events which are unlocked today:
  • 9th Plaza-Day-Scene [Girl lost Hairpin]
Note: Now you have Freetime. Try to find Nagi and get the last Business Card until next Week to unlock the Lapis Ruins and target Arma! Sadly, you can visit the Lapis Ruins only after you paid all debt, so here ends the Quick Guide (or not?)