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Omega Ferromin
This is the end; this is where Ferromin treads on the grounds of the divine. You know what it'll do.
Type Medicines
Effect Gives 9 to 12 Max HP
Base price 30000 pix
Buyback price
High:  10800 pix
Normal:  9000 pix
Low:  7200 pix



Invincible Armor Fusion Recipe:

Ingredient Amount
Battle Suit 1
Devil's Will 1
Omega Ferromin 3

Additional Notes

  • Found 1 only on levels 21F - 25F. Don't know whether there is any relation but I actually found 1 Ferromin L prior to this on the same run. Should be random though.
  • Found 1 on levels 1F-10F, but no Ferromin L. Does seem to be random.
  • Very rare drop, players will likely have collected the other two ingredients for Invincible Armor long before gathering the 3 required for fusion. Collect 6 if there is a wish to equip Louie and Arma with the best heavy armor available.
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