Item box
An o-shaped device that attaches to a hand slot. Feels like it should be part of a larger device...
Type Parts
Effect ATK+46 DEF-4 MAG+8 MDEF+10
Base price 38000 pix
Buyback price
High:  13680 pix
Normal:  11400 pix
Low:  9120 pix


Can be used to create Crisis CannonCrisis Cannon (Rank 2 Arm)

Ingredient Amount
Null-partsNull-parts 1
Paralysis CrystalParalysis Crystal 3
Big ScrewBig Screw 3


Can be bought from townsfolk


Despite having lower price, Null-parts is stronger than Drill Arm. The barrage deals more damage per second compared to Drill Arm when fired at the same range, and even more at point blank range.The Null-Parts always starts its barrage towards Arma's right side, thus if you need to deal with an enemy.  Position slightly towards the left.

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