New Game + is one of the modes unlocked after the first time you successfully pay off the debt in a game (the other being Endless Mode). It allows you to select a save marked as "Cleared," and begin a new game on Day 2 with many elements of your old save intact.  When you elect to start a New Game +, the game will ask which file you want to use for your carry-over data; you can use any Endless Mode file regardless of its progress, a cleared New Game, or even another New Game +.

Starting a New Game + increases the Loop count by 1 to indicate that the file is not an initial play.

Starting Atmosphere & Space

  • Any store size expansions you bought are lost.  You will need to purchase them again.
  • Your atmospheric decorations, however, are retained (walls, floor, carpet, and counters), using whatever the Cleared file had.
  • Since your store size expansions are lost, your counters will be cleared; the items will be put back in your inventory.

Starting Money & Merchant Level

  • 1,000 pix, regardless of what your previous save had.
  • Your Merchant Level will be whatever it was at the end of the Cleared game.
  • Your customer reputation levels will be whatever they were at the end of the Cleared game.

Starting Items

  • You will retain whatever items you had at the end of the Cleared file.  Note, again, that your counters will be cleared off, and the items that were on them will be placed back in your inventory.
  • Any items that were in your vending machines at the end of the Cleared file will be lost.  However, the venders themselves will be returned to your inventory, ready for placement again.

Starting Adventurers & Dungeons

  • Adventurers whose True Cards you own will be available from the start of a New Game +; those you don't will need to be befriended again.
  • Adventurers' levels and equipment will be retained.
  • HP boosts given to Adventurers through Ferromin will be retained.
  • Your Adventurers' dungeoning statistics reset to 0 (adventures went on and times defeated).
  • Dungeon entry levels will be retained, although you'll still need to re-unlock the dungeons themselves.  You'll also retain your section clear times.

Other Aspects of a New Game +

  • Known items will still be known in a New Game + (the Item Encyclopedia, and known fusion results).
  • The calendar resets to Day 1.  The Score resets, but Time is kept.
  • Story events must be done again.
    • Cutscenes and Talks except for Tear's lectures are reset.

Repaying the Debt

Week 3 Payment

Week 3's payment is made successfully. Paying the debt is the focus of non-Endless modes.

You must still pay the debt in a New Game +.  Day 1 remains a bunch of tutorials and information, so Tear is still kind enough to let you formally start on Day 2.  You have to collect a certain amount of pix to pay by the end of each Week. Failure to end the final day of any given Week with the required amount of pix on hand results in a Game Over. Payments must be made as follows:

  • Week 1: Ends on Day 8.  You must pay 10,000 pix.
  • Week 2: Ends on Day 15.  You must pay 30,000 pix.
  • Week 3: Ends on Day 22.  You must pay 80,000 pix.
  • Week 4: Ends on Day 29.  You must pay 200,000 pix.
  • Week 5: Ends on Day 36.  You must pay 500,000 pix. This is the final week; completion of this week's requirement completes the game, as the entire debt is now paid.
  • The total amount of the debt is 820,000 pix.

What Happens If You Get a Game Over

This really shouldn't happen to you in a New Game +, but if it does, it is the same as in a regular New Game (Story Mode) game; the game will end with a home repossession (Game Over) screen. You will then restart the game from Day 2 with 1,000 pix, as if the previous things that happened were just a dream. The Loop count (shown in the save menu) is increased by 1 (which can act as an indicator of a failed play, although a New Game + also increases your Loop count).

It is important to note that this is the list of things you keep when starting a new Loop after a failure:

  • Merchant Level.  (This means you will retain any front-desk atmosphere-changing options, Fusion ranks, and any other Merchant-Level-related upgrades that you had when you failed.)
  • Your store setup.  The game will remember your last-used decorations and table placements.  If you paid for any shop size expansions, you will keep those, as well.
  • Your items.  You keep all the items you owned; you retain everything you had in your inventory, and the game will remember what you had on your shelves - they'll still be there when you start your new Loop.
  • Your Adventurers' stats.  This includes their equipment, level and experience.
  • Customer Reputation.  This includes their loyalty and budget; they'll still be buying at the beginning of a new Loop anything you were able to get them to purchase at the end of the previous Loop.
  • Dungeon entry levels.  You have to re-unlock the dungeons themselves, but once you do, you can start on any floors you had available.
  • Adventurers who have given you their True Card.  Others, you must befriend again.

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