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Nevan's Armband
Nevan's Armband
Item box
To fight and win -
that was the purpose behind this armband.
The craftsman died with a smile on his face.
Type Bracelets
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Caillou,
Tielle, Elan, Nagi
Effect DEF+66, MAG+10, MDEF-20
Base price 203000 pix
Buyback price
High:  73080 pix
Normal:  60900 pix
Low:  48720 pix



Can be used to create Four Seasons Four Seasons (Rank 5 Bracelet)

Ingredient Amount
Fortuna ArmbandFortuna Armband 1
Nevan's ArmbandNevan's Armband 1
Wyvern HornWyvern Horn 2
Wooden ArmbandWooden ArmbandIron ArmbandIron ArmbandSpiked ArmbandSpiked ArmbandMaiden's BraceletMaiden's BraceletStrongarm BandStrongarm BandPower WristPower WristFairy BraceletFairy BraceletSuperarm BandSuperarm BandSun ArmbandSun ArmbandAngel BraceletAngel BraceletFairy MisangaFairy MisangaFortuna ArmbandFortuna ArmbandTrinary ArmbandTrinary ArmbandNevan's ArmbandNevan's ArmbandFour SeasonsFour Seasons

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