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Nephilim Claw
Nephilim Claw
Item box
The claw of those cast out of heaven. It seeks to return to heaven at all times, causing the bearer woe.
Type Claws
Equippable by Griff
Effect ATK+192, DEF-25, MAG+30, MDEF-25
Base price 744000 pix
Buyback price
High:  267840 pix
Normal:  223200 pix
Low:  178560 pix



Can be used to create Omnipotent ClawOmnipotent Claw (Rank 5 Claw)

Ingredient Amount
Eraser ClawEraser Claw 1
Nephilim ClawNephilim Claw 1
Black HornBlack Horn 1
Evil ClawEvil ClawSteel ClawSteel ClawRending ClawRending ClawMachine ClawMachine ClawCatclawCatclawSpellclawSpellclawAk-kai ClawAk-kai ClawFall From Grace"Fall From Grace"Awakening ClawAwakening ClawSoul EaterSoul EaterFire-Dragon ClawFire-Dragon ClawEraser ClawEraser ClawDark Master ClawDark Master ClawNephilim ClawNephilim ClawOmnipotent ClawOmnipotent Claw

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