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Nature's Grace
Natures grace
Item box
The result of miracle fusion. Weighs nothing. A warrior using this spear seems to dance, not fight.
Type Spears
Equippable by Nagi
Effect ATK+178
Base price 1320000 pix
Buyback price
High:  475200 pix
Normal:  396000 pix
Low:  316800 pix



Fusion Recipe:

Ingredient Amount
Mortemirare 1
Abyssal Glaive 1
Bassmaster Pole 1

Additional Notes

  • Bassmaster Pole is a rare item that can only be sold by random customers at high reputation levels.
  • To obtain a +15 Nature's Grace, make sure that the Mortemirare has been forged first to inherit +15 from it's Paralysis Crystal x 10 requirement. The bonus will transfer over to the Nature's Grace during the Rank 5 Fusion.
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