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Miracle Charm

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Miracle Charm
Miracle Charm
This white-stone charm is said to grant miraculous luck. Just finding it is a miracle, so who knows?
Type Charms
Equippable by All
Effect DEF+4, MDEF+44
Base price 59000 pix
Buyback price
High:  21240 pix
Normal:  17700 pix
Low:  14160 pix

How to get


Can be fused at Merchant's Guild (Rank 2 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Shell Charm 1
Gaseous Grass 5
Eternal Ice 1

Additional Notes

There seems to be many "hidden" effects of items when you equip them such as Eskimo Shoes preventing skidding on Ice traps and Blazing Charm reducing incoming fire damage.

It can be deduced from its description that this Miracle Charm increases drop chance and rarity of items from enemies and chests. Though at the moment anecdotal from players since a proper study of the drop chances would require absurd amounts of dungeon crawling.

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