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Master's Plate
Master's Plate
Item box
Created via miracle fusion, this armor is the mark of a true master adventurer. Fills the wearer with energy.
Type Breastplates
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Tielle, Nagi, Griff, Arma
Effect DEF +160, MDEF +76
Base price 840000 pix
Buyback price
High:  302400 pix
Normal:  252000 pix
Low:  201600 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 5 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Barrier PlateBarrier Plate 1
Plate of GriefPlate of Grief 1
Wind EmblemWind Emblem 1

Additional Notes

Despite having limited ingredients with bonuses for it's actual fusion, getting a Master's Plate with a +15 bonus is one of the easier pieces of final equipment to work with due to it's predecessor, Barrier Plate requiring 5 Fin Fans. Eyebats can rarely drop Fin Fans, but fortunately, since you fight them for a large majority of the game, it is not difficult to find that you have accumulated enough with bonuses when it comes time to finally making a Barrier Plate.

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