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Mana Charm
Mana Charm
Item box
Legend says this charm has the very power of the stars; dropping it injures them. It sure feels powerful.
Type Charms
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Caillou, Tielle, Elan, Nagi, Griff, Arma
Effect MDEF+52
Base price 82000 pix
Buyback price
High:  29520 pix
Normal:  24600 pix
Low:  19680 pix



Can be used to create Ancient CharmAncient Charm (Rank 4 Charm)

Ingredient Amount
Mystery RingMystery Ring 1
Mana CharmMana Charm 1
Souvenir CharmSouvenir CharmStandard CharmStandard CharmPopular CharmPopular CharmHallowed CharmHallowed CharmSand CharmSand CharmBlazing CharmBlazing CharmShell CharmShell CharmWing CharmWing CharmMiracle CharmMiracle CharmMana CharmMana CharmLove CharmLove CharmAncient CharmAncient CharmVictory CharmVictory CharmEbon TalismanEbon TalismanOmnicharmOmnicharm

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