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King-shell Chest

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King-shell Chest
King-shell Chest
Item box
Forged of the shells of the Kings of Insects, which can chip any blade. Hard to make, harder to find.
Type Breastplates
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Tielle, Nagi, Griff, Arma
Effect DEF+30, MDEF+20
Base price 12800 pix
Buyback price
High:  4608 pix
Normal:  3840 pix
Low:  3072 pix



Can be used to create White BreastplateWhite Breastplate (Rank 2 Breastplate)

Ingredient Amount
King-shell ChestKing-shell Chest 1
Tough ShellTough Shell 5
Scrap PlateScrap PlateWooden ChestpieceWooden ChestpieceShell ChestpieceShell ChestpieceChainmail ShirtChainmail ShirtSteel BreastplateSteel BreastplateKing-shell ChestKing-shell ChestSandwich PlateSandwich PlateRainbow MailRainbow MailWhite BreastplateWhite BreastplateBelenite PlateBelenite PlateValkyrie PlateValkyrie PlateBarrier PlateBarrier PlateMythic Beast PlateMythic Beast PlatePlate of GriefPlate of GriefMaster's PlateMaster's Plate

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