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Karmic Necklace
Karmic Necklace
Item box
Born of miraculous fusion, the power of this necklace waxes and wanes by the users actions, for good or ill.
Type Necklaces
Equippable by Nagi, Tielle, Arma
Effect DEF+52, MDEF+48
Base price 170000 pix
Buyback price
High:  61200 pix
Normal:  51000 pix
Low:  40800 pix



Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 5 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Spirit MagatamaSpirit Magatama 1
Heretic NecklaceHeretic Necklace 1
Ghost TearGhost Tear 10

Additional Notes

  • One of the easiest final pieces of equipment to obtain with +15 bonuses due to the large amount of Ghost Tears involved.
  • The Karmic Necklace bears an uncanny resemblence to a Zerg Drone from StarCraft. Whether this is intentional or merely a coincidence is unknown.
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