Please use this for every item page!

Basic Layout

This template is used to keep every item page uniform. Copy the following code, then replace the instructions with the necessary information.

{{infobox item
| caption    = <--In-game description of item-->
| type       = <--The type of item as listed in game should go here!-->
| equip      = <--List anyone that can wear this item, otherwise, don't input this.-->
| effect     = <--Input stat boosts here!-->
| price      = <--Input the base price here, buyback price will automatically be calculated.-->
| purchase   = <--Only input this in the table if item is found in merchant's guild. Purchase price will display regardless of what you input here, but for convenience's sake, input yes.-->

*<--Bullet points should be used to list out who drops the items. If it's a rare drop from such mob, add (rare).-->
*<--If the item is found from a treasure chest, it should be called [[Dungeon]] chest (name of dungeon(s) in parantheses)-->
*<--If found in Fusion, it should provide a link straight to the fusion page, as so: [[Fusion]]-->
*<--If found from certain mobs, it should link straight to the enemies page, along with the name of the monster. Example: [[Enemies#Green Slime|Green Slime.]] If dropped from a boss that appears more than once, note which instance of the boss, in which dungeon, drops the item.-->

==[[Fusion]]== <--Note: Leave this section out entirely if the item is not involved in fusion.-->
<--Make a table of ingredients/amounts, linking the name of each ingredient to its corresponding page. Above the chart in bold, note the original in-game name of the item, with its rank level. For example, here is the table from the [[Holy War Cape]] page:-->

'''Rank 2 Cape'''
{| border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" style="text-align: center"
! scope="col"|Ingredient
! scope="col"|Amount
|[[ <-- Ingredient #1 --> ]]
| <-- Quantity -->
|[[ <-- Ingredient #2 --> ]]
| <-- Quantity -->
|[[ <-- Ingredient #3 --> ]]
| <-- Quantity -->
<--Change the names of items and quantities to suit the recipe.-->

===Used To Make:===
<--*Link to any items that use this to fuse in a bulleted list. (Name of initial product in-game should go in parentheses after the item link, example: Rank 4 Charm) Also note how many of the item is needed in the recipe.-->

==Additional Notes==
<--Input any misc notes here, such as speculation of whether it is a great item to use or worth the time at all.-->

Use Ancient Charm's page as a starting point.

For additional documentation on the boxes, click here.

Adding an image

After saving the page, you may notice there is a red link in place of the image. Click this red link to go to the upload page. Then, go to your item encyclopedia in-game, and take a screenshot of the item. Crop it neatly, and upload it.

If you haven't discovered the item yet, don't put anything here!

Add links to the page

Use Special:WhatLinksHere to find links to the page. Make sure it's listed on the List of Items, Fusion (if it's a fusion item), the boss page (if it's dropped from a boss), and anywhere else that's appropriate.

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