Insect Trap
Insect Trap
Item box
This device attracts insects when lit, but the gas it emits kills them when they get close. Quite sneaky.
Type Ingredients
Base price 120 pix
Buyback price
High:  43.2 pix
Normal:  36 pix
Low:  28.8 pix


  • Common drop from Bees


Can be used to create Maiden's Bracelet Maiden's Bracelet (Rank 1 Bracelet)

Ingredient Amount
Iron ArmbandIron Armband 1
Insect TrapInsect Trap 5

Can be used to create Dream Censer Dream Censer (Rank 3 Treasure)

Ingredient Amount
Perfume StaffPerfume Staff 2
Insect TrapInsect Trap 30
Charred LizardCharred Lizard 10

Additional Notes

  • The quality of Insect Traps is almost irrelevant: Dream Censer is a treasure that does not create anything else. Maiden's Bracelet does gain MDEF from a good fusion, but it can only be used to fuse Dream Kaleidoscope (a treasure) which in turn can only create Rocket Boots that, lacking stats, appear to confer no benefit from a good fusion.
  • This item is a component of all items in the game with Dream in their name, likely a coincidence.

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