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Item box
The king of healthy sweets. Eat it straight, spread it on bread, it's still delightful.
Type Food
Effect Recovers 60SP
Base price 2300 pix
Buyback price
High:  828 pix
Normal:  690 pix
Low:  552 pix


  • Rare drop from Bees in dungeons.


Can be used to create Power Glove Power Glove (Rank 1 Glove)

Ingredient Amount
Sturdy GloveSturdy Glove 1
HoneyHoney 3

Can be used to create Holy Beast Scarf Holy Beast Scarf (Rank 2 Muffler)

Ingredient Amount
Legendary ScarfLegendary Scarf 1
TailTail 1
HoneyHoney 10

Can be used to create Apple Pie Apple Pie (Rank 3 Food)

Ingredient Amount
Paella PanPaella Pan 1
HoneyHoney 5
Red OilRed Oil 3

Additional Notes

  • With a +4 Item Bonus this item can recover 108SP.

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