Healing Ring
Healing Ring
Item box
This ring's power heals the wearer over time. It can break if the wearer is unlucky.
Type Rings
Base price 10000 pix
Purchase price
High:  8400 pix
Normal:  7000 pix
Low:  5600 pix
Buyback price
High:  3600 pix
Normal:  3000 pix
Low:  2400 pix

How to get


Can be fused at the Merchant's Guild (Rank 1 Fusion)

Ingredient Amount
Broken RingBroken Ring 3
Powerful AntivenomPowerful Antivenom 3
Nut MixNut Mix 3

Additional Notes

Recette heals the adventurer wearing this ring when he/she gets low on health, though there is a small chance the ring will break and become a Broken Ring.

The ring will activate when an adventurer is hit and left with less than (or equal to?) 1/4 of their maximum HP. The ring heals them by 1/2 of their maximum HP (not counting bonus HP from Ferromins). If an adventurer is above 1/4 of their maximum HP and the hit is strong enough to knock them out, the Healing Ring will not help; it is best used against enemies that specialise in fast, weak hits.

Though it can be fused at Rank 1 (Merchant Level 5), it can simply be bought in the Market starting at Merchant Level 4, with an unlimited stock from Merchant Level 11. This can save rare Nut Mixes, although since their only other use is Buche-de-noel it may be worth fusing a few to use up spares. However this also saves broken rings which can be used to create a Mystery Ring, which is much more useful.

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