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Hallowed Charm
Hallowed Charm
Item box
A charm from that infamous night, it does seem to ward against disaster. Some find the shape to be oddly cute.
Type Charms
Equippable by Louie, Charme, Caillou, Tielle, Elan, Nagi, Griff, Arma
Effect ATK+2, DEF-2, MDEF+15
Base price 6600 pix
Buyback price
High:  2376 pix
Normal:  1980 pix
Low:  1584 pix



Ingredient Amount
Standard CharmStandard Charm 1
Flytrap BulbFlytrap Bulb 1
Slime FluidSlime Fluid 10
Souvenir CharmSouvenir CharmStandard CharmStandard CharmPopular CharmPopular CharmHallowed CharmHallowed CharmSand CharmSand CharmBlazing CharmBlazing CharmShell CharmShell CharmWing CharmWing CharmMiracle CharmMiracle CharmMana CharmMana CharmLove CharmLove CharmAncient CharmAncient CharmVictory CharmVictory CharmEbon TalismanEbon TalismanOmnicharmOmnicharm

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