Griff is the main boss of the Obsidian Tower, intent on bringing Demonkind out from the shadows and into power, where upon his entire plan is mocked by Recette for being cliche. In total there are 2 encounters with Griff, the second also featuring the 'Archdevil's Arm'.



Location Version Level HP Drops (c, r)
Obsidian Tower (30F) Griff 33 1480 Meditation Ring, Secret Mix*
Obsidian Tower (50F) Griff & The Archdevil's Arm 37 1640 Meditation Ring, Secret Mix*

Crystal Nightmare

Location Version Level HP Drops (c, r)
43F Griff 71 3000 Meditation Ring, Dracozombie Wing
46F Griff & The Archdevil's Arm 76 3200 Meditation Ring, Nephilim Claw

Boss Behaviour

Griff is a considerably harder opponent than any boss you've fought before this point. He has a fast, normal attack with quite a large range and 4 special attacks. The 2 most common are the Dark Claw, a 'charge' type move similar to Flame Charge which renders him immobile but invincible for a second before he rushes a short distance almost instantly. He will only ever use this attack if the adventurer is in a direct horizontal/vertical line from him. His other common attack is a magic fire ring attack similar to the one used by Bombs, only he fires 5 of them which converge on your position. While using this he will remain stationary until either you attack him or the rings have burst into flame. When on low health, roughly 20% or less, he will teleport to the top or bottom of the map and unleash a cone of black bats which cause damage if they touch you, after finishing the skill 2 bats will remain to attack before eventually bursting into flame. After taking 2 hits he will be stunned, falling to the ground, preventing more damage, upon recovere he unleashes his last special attack which causes an AoE hit from his current position.

During the fight with the Archdevil's Arm, Griffs behaviour will not change. The Arm follows a very strict pattern of 4 attacks and is invincible. It always positions itself in the centre of the arena, firing a laser beam horizontally and sweeping it up towards the top of the map leaving a very small area to fight in where you can avoid damage, before moving back towards the middle. This is used 3 times in total, each time moving in the opposite direction. After this the Arm will raise up and slam down, usually on the left side of the map before returning to the side where the process starts again in the 4th sequential direction.


For a melee character it is almost impossible to fight Griff without taking damage. Characters with sprint or high move speeds can easily avoid his fire rings, others will have to either dodge them by a change of direction when it circles past you or by using a skill which renders you invincible for a moment of time. The best opportunity to attack is when he uses Dark Claw by positioning yourself near where he will end up though he will often manage to hit you before you can stun him. Never use skills which rely on multiple hits as only the first 2 will connect. 1 effective, though cheap, is to hit him frequently with Flame Charge which will inflict damage and leave you far enough from his retaliation to avoid it. In general if you are a melee character, expect pain and bring plenty of food. In the Crystal Nightmare things become considerably worse due to the very high attack power of Griff. It is very likely that you will not be able to make it past both fights with enough Food spare to take on the remainder of the bosses, particularly Arma, so you may have to resign yourself to taking no equipment and dieing so as to farm the earlier drops.

  • Louie - You can use Vacuum Sword to hit him from range or use Spin Slash immediately after hitting with your sword to avoid the retaliation and stun him.
  • Charme - Maintain at least a single Mirror Image at all times. Positioning yourself well when you attack will cause both hits to land almost immediately, stunning Griff, completely preventing a retaliation.
  • Caillou - Sparkburst can get you through both fights without any damage. When he uses the fire rings, teleport to avoid damage. Keep moving and firing but be careful not to fire as he gets in line for Dark Claw or you'll be a sitting duck. This method unfortunately requires a lot of mana so a Meditation Ring or lots of food will help.
  • Elan - Your range is too short to avoid getting hit by Griff's claw so you will need to brute force it with Berserk.  You may want to tempt him into using demon claw so you can get a better shot at him without him slashing past you.  Your dash should be enough to avoid Griff's fire ring and his bats.
  • Griff - Use your regular attack from a diagonal orientation as your Griff will have better range than him.  If he uses dark claw, use dark claw where he will be next as your activation grants immunity to his.  Do the same if he attack with his fire rings before it ignites.  If he teleports at the top or bottom, dash towards the side to avoid his eye-bat blast.  Demon soul also works well in this fight if you want to end it a bit quicker.  Just dash towards Griff to provoke him to try to attack you.  Time it right and the first hit will miss due to dash invincibility frames and then you can retaliate by hitting him twice.  Just remember to dash out of the way after the second hit to avoid his AOE wake-up attack.
  • Tielle - Cuterage! will charge up attacks faster which gives you a cone of attack rather than a straight arrow allowing you to avoid Griff completely or evade his attack. Try to avoid using Starshot Arrow or Seeker Arrow as Griff moves around very quickly.
  • Nagi - Bait him into using Dark Claw or Fire Ring.  For the forner, get out of the way and position yourself so that you are aligned with him when he arrives in order to be able to strike him.  For the latter, strike him and quickly dash to the side to avoid the fire rings.  If you find your attack mistimed that you are about to get hit with an attack while stabbing, use flame charge to evade his attack.
  • Arma - Use ranged weapons that give maximum damage per hit.  It may be required to provoke him into using Dark Claw so you won't risk getting hit by it when you are attacking depending on what weapon you have.

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