Griff Archdevil
~He Who Would Bring The End~

Griff & The Archdevil's Arm is a boss encounter in Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, and is found in the Obsidian Tower on the 50th and final floor.

Griff and the Archdevil's Arm are separate entities and have separate abilities:

Griff moves quickly around the stage, charging, performing melee attacks, and summoning waves of bats. He can go invincible for a short amount of time, particularly after taking damage. Occasionally, he activates Demon's Soul if attacked too often in a short amount of time.

One of his attacks is to charge up and then rush either up, down, left, or right. He will use it when you are quite close. While he charges he is invulnerable. He can also slice with his claw when you get too close. Inbetween charging he uses an attack, which sends out blue rings on the floor, quite similar to the Flame Ring attack used by Bombs, and fires 5 that will follow you and explode into flames after a while. Hit him two times in a row to stun him but after he's stunned he does an AoE attack that damages you if you are close to him when he gets up. When his health gets low he sometimes flies to the center and shoots a bunch of black bats, which will hurt you if you touch them. Afterwards 2 of them stay on the stage and fly around shooting rings at you. After a while if you haven't killed them they will burst into flames which will hurt if you walk into them. While they're flying around Griff and the Arm will still be attacking you, so if you want you can ignore the bats.

The Archdevil's Arm cannot be damaged. It stays at the left of the stage and every now and then fires a laser in the center and either goes up or down leaving you only a little space to move in. After doing that 3 times it smashes somewhere in the arena. It cannot be damaged, but will automatically be destroyed as soon as Griff is defeated.

He can drop a Meditation Ring as a common drop and a Secret Mix as a rare drop.