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Ferromin L
Ferromin Legend; legendarily expensive, legendarily effective. Increases max HP... a whole lot.
Type Medicines
Effect Gives 7 to 9 Max HP
Base price 15000 pix
Buyback price
High:  5400 pix
Normal:  4500 pix
Low:  3600 pix



Can be used to create Jet Boots Jet Boots (Rank 3 Shoes)

Ingredient Amount
Platform Shoes Platform Shoes 1
Ferromin L Ferromin L 1
Mystery Ring Mystery Ring 3

Additional Notes

  • Every adventurer can receive 200 bonus HP using Ferromin products on top of their natural Max HP, after which all Ferromin types will no longer have any effect and contribute 0HP upon use.
  • The in game Item Details effect for Ferromin only lists the minimal amount of Max HP increased, in actuality, the number can be an additional point or more depending on the initial boost.
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