Event: Pub, Recette 1
Placeholder other
"Say, Tear? Is a tree yummy?"
Participants Recette and Tear
Unlocked Day 4
Location Pub Evening, Night
Priority 1

How to unlock

  • Arrive on Day 4


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.
  • Visuals (such as '!', a Tear, etc.) are the images which sometimes show up next to a characters head when expressing certain emotions, such as sighing, surprise, etc...


[Tear on the left, Recette right, both with neutral expression]




What is it?


Say, Tear? Is alcohol yummy?


I have only tried it once before, myself.

Recette, smiling with closed eyes

Really? Wow, you're so grown up, Tear!

Tear, sad

I hated it. It stank of barrels...

Recette, curious (neutral face)



Typically, most alcoholic beverages are left to age in barrels... / so the drink had a strong wooden smell, and it was not dissimilar to attempting / to drink a tree...


... Okay, that doesn't sound yummy at all.

Tear, neutral face

To be honest, the popularity of the substance baffles me.
It always sells well, so stocking it is always a good way to make / some money, but ...

Recette, smiling with open eyes (happy face)

But, barrels!

Tear, sad

... Barrels...

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