Event: Pub, Charme 3
Event Pub Charme 3
"Yorproblemsh I wanna have...wanna my for that nise bottel of bear?"
Participants Main: Charme and Guild Master
Minor: Recette and Tear
Unlocked Get Charme as customer
Day ??
Location Pub Evening, Night
Priority 7

How to unlock

  • Unlock Charme as customer
  • Unknown Day, notes say max. Day 17


  • '/' separates the text like in the game if cutting a sentence.


[Recette (smiling) and Tear left]


Hey, coming to the pub reminds me.
I heard there's a girl here who's been handing out advice to people lately.

[Recette (smiling) comes from left]


Advice? Well, that would not be very surprising for a fortuneteller or such.
But... here in the pub?


Apparently she can clear up any problem you have in seconds!
[Happy (closed eyes)] I kinda wonder who it is!

[Screen goes black and switches to Charme (standing right, drunken)]


Wish I got why thish w's happenin' lately...

[A worried Guild Master comes from the left]

Guild Master

Uh, excuse me, you're... yeah, you have to be. Will you hear me out?


M'kay, I'll lishhen, go 'head.

Guild Master

My wife terrifies me so much at this point that I can't even look at / alcohol without feeling guilty! Help!

Charme, closes Eyes and smiles

Ahh, women're easy to handle. I should know, right?
Just do... little thingsh t'keep her happy. That'll solve y'rproblemsh.

Guild Master, very happy (bright smile with closed eyes)

Huh. Yeah, that makes sense! I'll try that out! Thanks!

[Guild Master out, 1 second passes]

Charme, opens Eyes again (Question face?)

Been a lotta people like tha' lately. Wonder why?

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