Event: Obsidian Tower 4 - Top PreFight
2013-07-23 00150
"Are you friggin' kidding me? People will laugh!"
Participants Main: Recette and Griff
Very Minor: Tear
Unlocked Reach the Highest Floor (50) of the Obsidian Tower
Location Obsidian Tower, F50 Anytime

How to unlock

  • Reach the Top of the Obsidian Tower



[Recette (surprised) and Tear (angry) left, Griff right]


So... you have reached the top at last.


Griff... what's going on here? What are you doing?


The monster you see here has been sealed in this place for ages.
[Grinning] Hmm. No, calling it a "monster" is inaccurate. Better to call what / slumbers here by its proper title... an Archdevil.



Griff, Serious mode (with closed eyes)

For ages he has slept. And now... the time has come for him to awaken.


If... if something like that is loosed upon the world... upon Pensee...

Griff, opens Eyes (it's more like an angry face now)

Above all else, what the race of demons needs now is power.
So many of us hide and lock ourselves away like cowards and sheep!
We need the power to challenge our enemies and revive the warrior / apirit of our people! We can survive no other way!
And if no one else will bring forth such power... then I shall!

Recette, Some kind of hopeless face (at first of the 'Shit, we're lost'-kind, but during his next speech more and more of the 'He's a hopeless idiot'-kind)

No... no way...


Do you understand now?!
To humanity, demonkind is nothing more than a source of fear, / a foe to conquer! And demonkind is all too happy to reciprocate!
Our future is naught but mountains of skulls, with rivers of blood running / between them! THIS is the destiny of our two kinds, as it always has been!
Man will fight demon, and demon will fight man, until one ceases to exist!
There is no other way! There CAN BE no other way!


Since this is maybe the best part of dialog in the whole game, called by myself How to give a demon a "The reason you suck"-speech - For Dummies 11-year old girls, this is a one-time exception to the usual text-only dialogs.

<< Silence >>, Griff closes his eyes


... It matters not, either way.
Soon I'll have the power of a Lord of Darkness, opinion be damned!
The Archdevil is only half-awake, but so long as I have his arm!...
[Opens eyes (Imagine some scene with eye-focus where the eyes furiously open and scream "Let's Fight!")] Come! Face me!

Recette, smiles (???)

Griff... you remember what you said when we last met, right?
"When next we meet, if you can still think of me as a customer..."

Griff, neutral look



My opinion of you hasn't changed at all, you know!
[Closes Eyes, even happier face] Please... when this is all over... come by the shop and buy something!

Griff, closes Eyes

I see... I did swear to, didn't I.
Well then! See if you can stop me!

[The Ground shakes as during an Earthquake until the fight starts (This surprises Recette)]


He is attacking! Defend yourselves!

=== He who would bring the End ===

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